Our Extraordinary Medical Professional Winner: Sara Robbins

A couple weeks ago, we asked our customers to nominate medical professionals who are setting a standard of professionalism and care while the nation battles the Covid-19 pandemic.

We received the following testimonial from Brian, who nominated Sara Robbins, a nurse at Home Health Agency in Dayton, Ohio:

Sara is a dedicated home healthcare nurse whose patients love her. She has been out on the front lines during this pandemic seeing patients in their homes and risking her health to do so. Everyday she goes above and beyond for her patients, even running small errands and shopping for them on her own time. She's a hero to many of them and to her family every day.

Sara, thank you for your dedication to your patients and your community.  We're rooting for you, and want you to know that you're impacting so many in a positive way!

We'll be sending Sara an Amazon gift card to thank her for her selfless work, and we'll also be providing her with $200 in free products from ChromaLabel!

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