Color Coding: How to Effectively Organize Your Office

Color Coding: How to Effectively Organize Your Office


Many people are working primarily from their home offices or setting up ones due to the coronavirus outbreak. Transitioning to remote work can be difficult, but the key to productivity is organizing your office. If you need an idea of where to start, here’s how to effectively organize your office.  

Get Rid of Any Clutter 

The first move you should make when it comes to organizing your office is getting rid of any clutter. Having clutter is a major pitfall to an organized office but it’s also something you can easily avoid in the future.  

Establish Sections 

Now that you have purged your office space, you should now establish sections. No matter what your office’s size, each area should have a purpose, from what’s on the desk and the walls, to what’s within the cabinets. To go one step further, use assorted color-coding labels to make your office even more efficient.  

Go Through Your Filing System 

In addition to establishing sections in your workspace, you should also go back and reorganize your filing system. It can be easy for items in a filing system to get misplaced; however, going through it can help prevent that. If you haven’t already, use color to create categories for the documents that are in your filing system.  

Don’t Forget Your Desktop 

As you are organizing your office, don’t forget about what’s on your desktop—after all, that’s where most of your work may lie. Setting up folders is the best plan of attack for making it easier to find what you need.  

Add a Big Trash Can 

A huge part of how to effectively organize your office is having a place to put all your waste, which is how clutter beings to take over the space in the first place. Make sure you have a big trash can handy when you’re finished going through everything, so you aren’t tempted to leave things around the office.  


Update from April 2021

Setting up a consistent organization system can make your life at work much easier! The system should be flexible in order to keep up with your changing work flow. We have tons of products to choose from, something for every new organizational endeavor! 


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