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Staying organized in the business world is essential. While many documents have gone digital, physical documents still exist, and you probably house a lot of them. If you are looking to improve your operations, a great place to start is by re-organizing your documents. 

A Good System....

...Keeps Documents Safe 

A business can be responsible for many important documents and it’s essential that they are stored in a safe place. An organized filing system can keep these important documents safe because, if they’re stored away in a specific place, then you’re less likely to lose or misplace a document!  

...Improves Efficiency

Another great benefit of having a file organization system is that it can instantly boost efficiency. Having a filing organization system in which documents are sorted based on a name, date, or something else can make it easy to find documents quickly. This way, you can be more productive and spend less time sorting through hundreds of documents; instead, you can easily find the one you need.

...Keeps Everyone on the Same Page 

In addition to improving efficiency, an organized filing system also keeps everyone on the same page. Communication in the workplace is huge and making sure items are in the place and order that they should be can have a positive impact on any business.  

...Reduces Costs 

Storage can easily cost a ton of money, but if you stay organized with a filing system, you can reduce costs. However, for this to happen, you need to make sure you go through documents every now and then to get rid of any that are not needed. After all, you don’t want these unnecessary documents to take up space.  

How Do I Fix It?  With ChromaLabel!

Now that you understand the importance of file management, you might be looking for a way to start. At Chromalabel, you can find color-coding dot stickers that can get you one step closer to having a filing system for your business.

Get Started Now with File Organizing Dots!

 Update from April 2021

A color-coded filing system can keep your documents safe and easy to access for years! We have tons of different products to choose from depending on what kind of a system you are setting up or maintaining.

Color-code organization

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