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Every small business is competing for shelf space. This is why capturing a potential buyer’s attention is so important, and it all starts with how a package is designed. Several factors are used in product packaging that you might not be aware of. It’s all about using these tactics to your business’s advantage and sending the correct message to consumers. If that sounds like something your small business wants to accomplish, here are some tips for designing product packaging.

Use Color to Grab Attention

Colors can have many extraordinary uses that people usually don’t think about that. One of them is being able to sell a product. This is why, when you’re designing product packaging, you must use colors to your advantage. A product package design with effective coloring can grab a potential buyer’s attention when it sits on the shelf. Colors on a product package can also differentiate between other products and what they each have to offer. If you take the time to look at a shelf-space, it’s often colorful for a reason. Color can give a buyer a sense of certainty and potentially push them towards a purchase.

Be Creative

An additional way to grab the buyer’s attention is to have creative packaging. This can be done by innovating how consumers can use your product. Think outside the box regarding the product’s size and with other features. Being creative with the package can also make the product easier to use. Going against the grain with the product packaging design allows for it to stand apart from the normal-looking products you’re competing with.

Keep It Simple

This brings us to our third point—keeping your product packaging design as simple as possible. It’s a tricky balance between having a product stand out and keeping it simple. However, you want to keep it simple so you can still communicate to the consumer what the product is. Many product packages today have scaled back on how much they showcase and go for the minimalist approach. Just remember that less is actually more, even with product package design.

Make It Practical

Another tip for designing product packaging is to make the packaging practical. Because there are various packaging methods out there, you want your design to align with how consumers will use the product itself. For example, packages for lotion, shampoo, or ketchup will have the label on top of the cap, since that’s how users access the product. Think about the consumer and try to make your product simple to use. No matter how great a package may look, if it isn’t simple to use, consumers won’t want to go through all the effort.

Be Honest

How many times have you bought a product that looks nothing like its appearance on the box? This is something you want to avoid with your own package design. Instead, we recommend that you’re honest with what your product is, especially if its food. Be as upfront with your product as possible by having an accurate image on the packaging. That way, you don’t ruin your relationship with the consumer. Consumers greatly value honesty, which is why this should always be at the forefront of your design.

Consider Transparency

A great way to be honest with your packaging is to have transparency. Showing your product through clear packaging allows the customer to see exactly what they are buying. This also lets the consumer know that you have confidence in your product because you don’t have to fool them in thinking that it looks better than it actually is. This tactic can be a huge selling point for some buyers who are considering your competitors.

Add Selling Points

While keeping it simple, you also want to find a way to add major selling points to your product package design. For instance, many foods today highlight their nutritional value on the package, or technological devices might showcase their long-lasting battery. Figure out your product’s selling points and put them on the package so you can get the advantage over competitors.

Use Effective Typography

Besides color and design, the typography is a factor of the packaging that also needs to be seriously considered. The typography must be clear enough to read. The various selling points on your package won’t make a difference if the potential buyer can’t read it. So, ensure that you take the time to find the best font, size, and placement of the copy that will be on your package design.

Do Special Editions

Limited and special editions capitalize on a buyer’s impulse to purchase a product—that’s why so many major businesses create them. So, consider making a special edition with a premium package boasting an elegant design that the buyer might be interested in. The possibilities are endless on what you can do for a special edition. Whether it’s celebrating an anniversary or the season, a special edition can push loyal customers to spend a bit more money to buy your product. People love products that commemorate something special, so give them a keepsake that will truly mean something.

Compare with The Competition

To find inspiration and differentiate your brand, research your competitors. Looking into how competitors brand themselves on their packaging is a great place to start. This allows you to take some tactics that your competitors have been successful with, while still making them your own. In addition to seeing what your competition is up to, you can also keep up with all the marketing trends, so you don’t get lost in the shuffle.

At Chromalabel, you can pick up assorted color-coding labels and custom design your product packaging, no matter what industry your small business operates in. All you have to do is choose the shape and material or start with a design that you’ve already made. Out labels can fit various forms of packaging, and each design is reviewed carefully. If your business wants to take their branding to the next level, follow the tips mentions above and use Chromalabel to make it happen.


Update from April 2021

Being consistent with brand color is really important. It's easy for loyal customers to pick your product out if they recognize the branding right away. Designing custom labels at Chromlabel will make the process simple and you can create the label just the way you need it. 

Designing Product Packaging


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