Make your own labels and tape



Choose Your Shape & Size

With tons of shapes and sizes, from tape, to dots, rectangles, & squares, you have options!

Choose Your Material

Why stick with just one option? Beyond standard paper, we have Kraft Paper, Clear Films and much more!

Get Creative with Text & Images

Upload your logo, an image – anything! Add text, and make the label or tape your own!

Review, Choose your Quantity, and Purchase!

Make sure your design is perfect, and send it off to our presses! We review each & every design for you!


Can I see my design before I purchase?

You bet!  Our custom label and tape builder will allow you to preview the design, even download it, and save the product for later purchase!

What if I'm not a designer?

We have art you can use on your labels for the most common types of items, as well as templates that allow you to simply add your logo or text.

What's the lead time?

We'll generally ship all our labels within 3-4 business days, often faster! Tapes take a bit longer - about 5-6 business days.

What if I want a LOT of custom labels? Can I get a price break?

Absolutely!  Our bulk division runs orders of hundreds of thousands of labels, and pallets full of tape.  Just contact us, and we'll work with you to see if our bulk system makes more sense.

I want a specific size or material you don't offer here.

Let us know.  We have lots of other options that aren't currently listed here - we're building our ChromaCustoms line every day!


Video 1: ChromaCustoms Overview - 3 minutes


Video 2: Customizing with Clip Art and Colors - 9 minutes


Video 3: Using our Professional Templates - 4 minutes