Stickers are the new stamps. They’re simple to use and easier to maintain than an ink pad. Using labels and stickers for law firms can help you stay organized and make your notices more prominent. You can help your staff keep track of clients and cases with a color-coded organization system that’s easy to see and understand. At ChromaLabel, we specialize in organization tools to help your law firm operate efficiently.

Running a law firm requires extensive filing and organization. Each contract and case needs its own folder, and you must organize those folders so that you don’t lose anything. Make it easier to find what you need with color-coded labels and stickers for law firms from ChromaLabel. Our multi-color sticker dots and rectangles help you organize and label important documents. Further, we sell removable color-coded tape, which is useful for redacting information without losing the details.

Multiple ways to use law office labels and stickers exist. They can help you implement a color-coded organization system. Use our packs of assorted dot stickers to quickly and easily categorize file cabinets, folders, financial documents, and more. Use the colors you associate with certain categories to help you. For instance, you could use green for financial folders and red for urgent cases. Using labels and stickers for law firms helps everyone stay on the same page.

ChromaLabel offers more than just color-coded law office file labels. We also carry stickers with calls to action to help you communicate with your clients. Use them to bring overdue bills or final notices to your client’s attention. People can easily lose or forget about mail sent in blank white envelopes. Add a collection label to make your communications stand out.

For more details about our labels and stickers for law firms, contact us today. We’re willing to answer any question you have about organization or the types of labels we provide.