I love ChromaLabel! I searched for a long time for book binding tape to no avail. Then I found you and your great selection. Hooray! I also loved getting a free sample with my last order. You guys rock!

Jackie Scalzo

Chroma Label,
Thank you so much for getting my book repair tapes here so quickly. The puppy did a little chewing on the corner of my college text books. We need to turn them in next week.... You are the champion of day. Thank You ,

Jeanne Watkins

First off I can't express my gratitude enough and how impressed I am with this company.  The response was fast for my request as well as my order came 2 days later just for 5 dollars! I am spreading the word about this amazing company. You are by far the best and most enjoyable company to work with.
Thanks again and can't wait to give you the business you deserve in the future.

- Nathan, President & CEO, NJ

Chroma Label's efficiency is indeed impressive.   Upon receiving this email from you, I went back to the original email, recovered my waiting shopping cart, discovered that the S&H had been modified, placed the order and charged it to my PayPal account.  We will try the tape, and if satisfactory, surely reorder in the near future, from Chroma Label (who has already been 'bookmarked').
If Chroma Label's product is as good as their Customer Service, we look forward to a long relationship.

- Lew Sponagle, US Virgin Islands

Thank you so much for helping me find the tape I was looking for, after the company I was purchasing it from discontinued it. The yellow "NEW" tape was exactly what I was looking for, plus the price was great, so I ordered 10 rolls.  I hope you continue to carry this product because I will definitely purchase it from ChromaLabel again. I will also be sure to recommend your company to any other libraries looking for these products.

- Karen, Head Librarian, MI 

I just wanted to shoot you an e-mail to thank so much for your quick response to my questions and your extremely fast shipment of your great products. We work in an extremely fast paced industry - commercial printing. Your quick turn helped us keep our demanding schedule, and your products helped the our printed book, and Unigraphic, look great. Thanks again and I'll be sure to contact you for future projects.

- Mark Nazzaro, Unigraphic, Boston, MA

We wanted many color options to color code the books into categories, to make it visual for the children, since they're 0-6 year olds. And fortunately stumbled upon your site, offering more colors than most others.

- Volunteer School Librarian, CA

Thank you for offering these Tape Call Labels at this price! It's nice to know I can find them again.  Especially with all the various colors.

- Elementary School Teacher, Tacoma WA

Blood oath mate !! We've been looking all over this rock for [Action Labels] and you are the only ones we could find !!  You're a legend.  Thanks for this... I'm letting everyone know about you blokes !!

- Phil, Victoria, Australia

We're actually using these tapes for 2-D projects for our art group. The kids love using it... The younger students don't get frustrated since it's SO removable, and the middle school children are making some really impressive things with it! It's a really refreshing, interesting thing to use in our study group! Thank you!!

- Diane, Homeschool Coordinator, WI