Our 5 Best Products for Hospitals, Clinics, and Labs:

EMR software and programs have revolutionized health care for the better, but the promise of a paperless office is far from a reality. Organization is a vital element of any healthcare facility. We provide a range of sizes and shapes of our medical file labels to suit any need in dental, medical, or veterinary offices. The medical chart labels from ChromaLabel have helped with organization in medical facilities of all sizes. More importantly, our stickers for medical offices make HIPAA systems a snap, and could even save lives when urgent medical care decisions need to be made!

Removable labels in bright colors - that stay stuck when you need them to, but remove cleanly whenever you want! 

A California Hospital System buys these from us regularly to mark staff and visitor badges based on test results, area access, and much more.

These also fit perfectly on many vials, tubes, and infusion pumps.

Available in 17 distinct colors


laboratory tape

Why is tape perfect for medical applications - especially labs?

Because it can wrap around just about any surface better than a label, and it can be as long as you need it to be! Color-code and label vials, eppendorf tubes, IV lines, folders, and anything else you need.

And you can write on the tape with a sharpie, then remove it without any messy residue when you're done!

Available in 21 unique colors


Clearly an essential product to help manage patient health and safety, Patient Allergy Notification Tape easily transmits medical information of singular importance. The image repeats every 5.2" 

Write-on capability allows for custom printed information specific to patient's needs.

And you can remove it easily when the condition / patient is complete!


These permanent labels absolutely stay put, and won't remove from single use medication vials, files, folders, paperwork, and much more.

On any non-porous surface, these labels will color-code for years, since our color-fast technology keeps the colors vibrant!

On fabric though, these labels can be removed after a time - so they're absolutely perfect for quickly marking visitors and can be applied directly to shirts or jackets.

Available in 27 unique colors


Comply with safety regulations, and protect the people around you by sticking these vivid Biohazard safety labels on all things hazardous. 

It's nearly impossible to miss the bright, fluorescent glow of the label and the stark contrast of the obsidian-black "BIOHAZARD" and symbol imprint.

These 2 inch labels have a permanent adhesive, and will stay put on sharps containers, plastic bins, cardboard disposal bins, and much more!


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