Our 5 Best Products for Food Service & Restaurants

ChromaLabel provides a variety of food label stickers to ensure your fresh and frozen products are stored safely and used in a timely manner. Organization and clear, quick communication are vital to a restaurant, grocery store, or bakery’s success. These establishments deal with a large variety of ingredients that need to be stored in specific conditions and labeled for allergens and expiration dates. Our food label stickers can be employed for a large variety of applications, including label inventory, plastic wrap, expiration dates, food service containers, deliveries, sale items, and much more. Finally, printable food label stickers are a convenient and clear way to identify items!

Provide your customers and clients with the information they need to make proper nutritional choices with our food service labels.

Printed in a 1" round size, these will fit on take out boxes, packaging, wrapping, even to label store displays for your product!

Three distinct designs available


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Keep an upper hand on ingredients and inventory, as well as pricing, with these printable labels!

These blank white printable labels come on special 8-1/2 x 11" sheets that are specially designed for use with laser and inkjet printers. They are thin enough that the sheet will not get jammed in a standard home printer. You can also easily write on these labels with any writing instrument.


These giant 2-inch labels provide your delivery customers with the assurance that their food has not been tampered with, and is arriving hot and fresh for their enjoyment!

Want a specific label made with your logo and message? We'd LOVE to help!  Let us know what we can do, or check out our DIY page >>


These permanent labels absolutely stay put, and won't remove from shelves, boxes, even frozen comestibles! 

On any non-porous surface, these labels will color-code, and they'll be visible at a glance.  

Available in 27 unique colors



Clear Wafer Seals for Packaging and Food Safety

These clear, super-sticky sealing tabs are essential for food safety and packaging of all sorts!

Available in perforated and non-perforated options, and in lots of sizes and quantities, these are the best way to assure food safety, while making sure your product arrives elegantly packaged!

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