Our 5 Best Products for Libraries and Schools

Keep your school organized with color-coded sticker labels from ChromaLabel. We have a large inventory of classroom and library labels to make teaching easier. Teachers, administrators, and professors use our colored school sticker labels and tape for ease of communication and labeling. School teachers can use the color-coordinated stickers and tape to organize school supplies, folders, and more. We also provide an array of smiley and star sticker packs for grading and rewarding! And when the school year ends, organize your supplies with our year inventory dot stickers.

This product is where ChromaLabel cut its teeth many years ago - by providing custom-printed removable tapes for libraries. And it's just as good today as it was in 1976!

This tape is removable, repositionable, and won't leave a sticky residue. But it'll stay on book spines, carts, shelves, securely - for years, even!

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These versatile permanent 3/4" stickers come in sheets, so you can stick them in a library desk drawer, in the pocket of a teacher's binder, or anywhere else you need them!

With 5 vibrant, primary colors, these are excellent for leveling books (stick 'em on the spine!), marking cubbies and binders in the classroom, and for noting days of the week on assignments, in planners, and folders!


This tape is amazing for repairing books, of course! Generations of librarians have sworn by BookGuard Tape for years.

But it's also great for repairing binders, taping down cords for safety in the classroom, and even cleaning up the edge of that peeling laminate desk you inherited from the previous teacher. This is the best tape for tough classroom and library use - made for abuse and use!


This tape is indispensable.  Once you try it in the classroom or in the library, you will not be able to live without it.  We promise.

Why is it so good? It is removable, but stays put for as long as you need it. You can write on it with a sharpie, or leave it blank for easy color coding. And it wraps around scissor handles, curved surfaces, and book spines so much better than ANY label that's out there.  Try a roll or a pack today!


Tiny labels - big color - big sticking ability!

These rectangular small labels are at the perfect size for sticking on the spines of books, or on the edge of a folder. You can also write on them easily with a felt-tipped marker to provide even more information.

These are permanent, and available in 6 distinct colors - and they match the colors of our other dots and tapes for easy categorization!


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