Our 5 Best Products for Logistics, Manufacturing, Shipping:

Manufacturing companies and distribution centers use our eye-catching inventory label stickers for instant, color-coded organization and logistics control that overcomes all language barriers. Labeling your products and materials with different color inventory dots allows workers to make faster associations between each item and where it needs to go. Our inventory label stickers not only help increase the productivity of the warehouse but also give handlers more information about what’s inside each box. 

Removable labels in bright colors - that stay stuck when you need them to, but remove cleanly whenever you want! 

These are perfect for labeling temporary conditions in manufacturing and warehouse situations - you can mark a condition in the warehouse, then easily remove it before you send to the customer!

Available in 17 distinct colors


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Custom Round Label: Paper

Get whatever message you need printed on our round labels lickity-split!

Our DIY custom engine allows you to add text, your logo, an image, change the background color, and so much more! These are great for branding products, labeling products with your message, or for managing inventory with your own unique codes / color system.

Available in 4 sizes, with pricing as low as 1.2 cents per label!

These brightly-colored 1-inch labels are perfect for warehousing processes and distribution centers.

The fluorescent colors are visible from yards away, even though they're only 1" in size - and the permanent adhesive will stay put in a wide variety of conditions. Keep inventory and your processes seamless with ChromaLabel's warehouse labels!


Need big, bold, bright colors that are visible from yards (maybe even a mile?) away?  We got you covered with a permanent 3-inch colored labels.

With 16 distinct colors, and with 500 labels on each big roll, these are the perfect labels for larger warehouses and distribution centers. And the beauty of these are - they're simple colors! There's no worry about a barcode reader, or communicating across language barriers with color!


The eye-catching fluorescent color is nearly impossible to miss, and provides a stark contrast with the black imprint. These matte finish, writable labels will stick well to most porous surfaces due to their permanent adhesive. 

Each roll of 200 labels comes in an easy to use dispenser box which we guarantee will change your life forever!

4 stock imprints available - contact us for custom printing!


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