Our 5 Best Products for Retail & Online Stores:

he labels and dot stickers make it easy for business owners to communicate sales, sizes, and much more. Choose from permanent or removable retail price or size stickers ranging in classic primary colors or more eye-catching fluorescent hues. Whether you want to label clothing, shoe boxes, inventory sheets, food service containers, deliveries, or sale items, our retail stickers make efficiency simple. Using these stickers and tapes for color-coded organization makes it easy for your employees to know where everything is supposed to be, resulting in a more profitable store or restaurant. 

Removable labels in bright colors - that stay stuck when you need them to, but remove cleanly whenever you want! 

These are perfect for labeling temporary conditions in retail and inventory before the sale - you can mark a condition in your inventory, then easily remove it before you send to the customer!

Available in 17 distinct colors


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Custom Round Label: Paper

Get whatever message you need printed on our round labels lickity-split!

Our DIY custom engine allows you to add text, your logo, an image, change the background color, and so much more! These are great for branding products, labeling products with your message, or for managing inventory with your own unique codes / color system.

Available in 4 sizes, with pricing as low as 1.2 cents per label!

These are perfect for your own internal quality control, but are just as good t leave on the product to give your customers the assurance that the product has been inspected for them!

These 3/4" labels are permanent, and will stay put on packaging, boxes, and any sort of product. 

Contact us for custom messages or removable adhesive - we'd love to help!


These brightly-colored labels are made with a removable adhesive so that your customer (or you) can easily remove them before the sale - but they'll stay put all through the sales process so your customer can see what a great deal they're getting! 

Contact us for more imprints and custom colors!


The most common use for these durable plastic seals is as mailing tabs. They are perfect for sealing envelopes or keeping folded pamphlets closed as they travel and will also help to increase your professional image when these mailings reach your customers, due to their high quality look and feel. 

But they're just as great for product packaging, since they provide your customers with the assurance that their product is arriving intact and undamaged!


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