• Fluorescent, Permanent-Adhesive Circle Labels
  • Blue Dots in Dispenser Box
  • Permanent-Adhesive Dot Labels
  • Colored Dot Labels
  • Assorted Earthy Colors of .75" Sticker Dots

3/4" Color-Code Dot Variety Kit: Assorted Quantities


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Quick Product Facts

  • - 1 variety kit = 6 to 13 boxes, depending on the color group you choose
  • - 1 box = 1,000 dots
  • - Every kit has 1 box of each color in that group
  • - For example, buy the fluorescent kit and get 6 boxes of 6 different colors
  • - The 4 color groups (as seen in color key below) are: Standard, Fluorescent, Specialty, eaRth Tones
  • - Dots are 3/4" diameter, come in convenient dispenser boxes, and have permanent adhesive
  • - Dots are easy to write on and yield excellent contrast

Color Key

Click here for a free color swatch in the mail

0.25 inch sticker color key
3/4" Dot Variety Kit Prices

Standard Colors Kit, 7 Boxes (7,000 dots total): $41.50

Fluorescent Colors Kit, 6 Boxes (6,000 dots total): $37.95

Specialty Colors Kit, 13 Boxes (13,000 dots total): $89.50

eaRth Tones Colors Kit, 9 Boxes (9,000 dots total): $62.50

Variety Kits in Other Sizes

A Color-Coding System

Do 20 people in your office need 25 different colors to organize by color? (hint color coding has been proven to reduce errors). At Chromalabel, you wont run out of variety when choosing from our 38 solid colors, many of which are exclusive to this website. And whether you need the permanent-stick-0.75-inch-diameter dots you're looking at now (there are 6 more sizes), removable labeling tape, colored stars or square labels, all of our colors for all our products match.

Who Uses These?

Our customers have used these little circular stickers for just about everything you can think of, but we're always hearing of new and unthinkable applications. Hospitals, the Feds, libraries, home crafters, lab rats, manufacturers, canners, athletes, retailers and office folk have used our 3/4" dots to indicate sales, code medical processes, decorate cheerleaders' hair bands, organize CD/ DVD collections, and mark buttons on large control boards. Tell us your use, and we'll add it to this list.

Convenient Dispenser Boxes

The beauty of these disposable dispenser boxes is that they reduce waste and keep your labels organized. Tug the liner from the box, and the stickers come out of the box already peeling off the liner for you.

Should you decide to just use the roll of labels inside, it's pretty easy to take the box apart and remove the roll.

Material, Adhesive, Shine

Our Standard, Specialty & eaRth Tones colors have a semi-glossy finish. The fluorescent (neon) colors have a matte finish. All colors are made from paper label stock, which has a pressure-sensitive permanent adhesive. These will stick well to surfaces like paper, glass, plastic, metal or wood.

Monitors lie. Get a free swatch today.

Each computer monitor will render colors differently. To make sure you want certain colors before buying, Please fill out this online form,and we'll mail you a swatch right away.