• 3x4 Internationally Recognized Label
  • "Do Not Stack" Labels - 3" x 4"
  • 3x4 White and Red Shipping Label

"Do Not Stack" Labels - 3" x 4"

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Quick Product Facts

  •     - Each label measures 3" x 4" (7.62cm x 10.16cm)
  •     - Imprint: "DO NOT STACK" with two stacked boxes crossed out
  •     - Internationally recognized symbol ensures safer package handling
  •     - Backed with permanent, pressure-sensitive adhesive
  •     - Made from a semi-gloss paper label material

About These Labels:

These three inch by four inch labels feature universally understood graphics: a red line through two stacked boxes that visually instructs the package handler not to stack the box. Boldly printed below the graphic are the black words "Do Not Stack" to further reinforce the delicacy of your shipment's contents. The stickers are finished on shiny, paper label stock to give them extra visibility to package handlers.

Each internationally recognized label has an industry standard permanent adhesive, which enables it to strongly stick to cartons, glass, corrugated cardboard, plastic, wood etc. 

Label Material

These labels are produced from a high quality paper, and have a somewhat shiny, semi-gloss surface. They have a permanent adhesive which means that they are sure to stay after they're firmly applied to a clean surface.