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Similar to where most stupendous products come from, the concept for the 38 Collection came from one of our patrons.

It's a pack of stickers with 38 different colors ...

Pastor Mike had 25 missionaries dispersed throughout the planet. Within the confines of his home office, Mike had a map of the world with tacks designating where each missionary was. In an ideal world, he wanted to assign a unique color to each missionary. As you well know, tacks, markers and most labels only come in a handful of primary colors.

The good pastor was elated to find our stickers available in so many colors. He was just about to buy some online when he saw it would be over $200 to buy all 38 colors in their little dispenser boxes. While that's a great value for someone who needs 38,000 stickers (there's 1,000 in each box), that's definitely not a viable option for a soul who needs a couple hundred stickers at most.

1" diameter, color coding labels38 Beautiful Colors of Round Stickers in one Package

One of our sales associates, Andrew, took the phone call, and was greeted by a friendly voice saying, "Hello, this is Pastor Mike, and I said a prayer to the Lord before this call that you would be amenable to my request. Shall we parlay?"

Most phone calls don't start that way, so Andrew was genuinely intrigued: "How may I aid thee in thy undertaking?"
Pastor Mike then explained his plight.

At the time, all we offered were our multi-color kits which had no more than 13 colors, so Mike thusly settled with designating one color per continent instead of one color per missionary. He then asked for some free samples before he placed his order, which we were glad to mail him, and the phone call amicably concluded.

Now it was about that time, the eighth hour. I was in the back office shooting some product photography. Naturally, there were sample strips of colored labels everywhere, which I vigilantly guarded as a dragon does his hoard (after all, If I didn't safeguard these little sticky label samples, they would never get their pictures taken for you to see on this website).

Andrew himself then drew near from his fluorescent light-bathed office and spaked: "Patrick, show thyself! Come forth! Dost thou have any extra strips of 1/4" dots in thine product-sample hoard?"

"Praytell, thou darest question mine ability to thusly effectuate ...."

Ok, we only talk like that sometimes. Anyway, I gave Andrew a few sample strips of stickers to mail to Pastor Mike. But then I realized I didn't need to hoard the other 35 colors of sample strips, since I had already taken their pictures — the only home left for them little fellers was the trashcan.

1" diameter, color coding labelsUse a felt tip marker to write on the dots

Twas then that we both verbalized in non-scripted, harmonious unison: "what the hay, send him the whole stack of 38 colors. We're good old Catholic boys in Kansas, and it's time for today's charitable deed. Besides, this aint nothing compared to the legendary Fr. Ken Novak giving up his first class seat for a stranger."

It's glorious how God works. Pastor Mike was gleefully beholden that we sent him 38 colors of free stickers, and we unexpectedly received the boon of a whole new product line that people love.

I still remember when the 60 watt halogen lightbulb went off in Andrew and mine's heads: pah-ding! "We could package and sell this stuff. Heck yes!"

So, beginning as a custom appeal for assistance and now passing into legend, that's the 38 Collection for you. It's perfect for someone who needs a bazillion (well, 38) colors but not 1,000s of each color.

Editor's Note: While this story is definitely true, certain events / names have been dramatized a little bit.  Just slightly.

Update from April 2021

This collection is useful in the classroom, the office, at home, or for your unique sticker needs. We'd love to hear what creative uses you've found for them or which colors are your favorite!

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