colored adhesive dots

colored adhesive dots


Organization in any environment can promote productivity, efficiency, and even a good mood. In a neat workspace with easy-to-find supplies, chances are, you'll feel more prepared to tackle the task at hand.

One effective and surprisingly fun method of organization is color-coding. Studies suggest that our brains and eyes are primed to notice and respond to color differences; in fact, 85% of shoppers cite color as a primary reason for purchasing a particular product.

If you want an office organization scheme that's impossible to miss, color coding is a great choice. Get started with color-coding by following these three easy steps:

1. Assign Color Meanings and Categories

The first task in any color coding endeavor is choosing which colors will signify which categories you're hoping to organize. When selecting a logical color scheme, the only limit is your imagination. Just remember that often, simple and memorable methods work better than pretty or complicated color schemes. For example, use green to label file folders and documents related to company finances. Label emergency items or urgent tasks in a bright, noticeable red, or label meeting notes with professional blue colored stickers.

2. Choose a Method For Attaching Colors

Once you've chosen a color for each topic in your organization project, find a few different ways to mark papers, paragraphs, folders and even objects with the appropriate color. Many offices find that colored adhesive dots work well in a variety of applications. Colored adhesive dots can be used to label drawers or folders in a filing cabinet. Color coding stickers can even be bent around the edge of a page to create a quick bookmark in a binder. Be sure to stock up on colored folders, colored adhesive tape, sticky notes, or highlighters to maintain your color coding organization throughout various tasks.

3. Apply The Same Scheme to Other Aspects of Work

Once you've organized one aspect of your work or office by color, try to carry that theme through other organization tools for maximum work clarity. For example, try color coding your calendar using the same scheme. Attending a budget meeting? Label the online calendar event in green. Sending tasks or information to a specific department? Give that department a color in your email inbox. Using the organization method whenever applicable can help you remain focused all day long. 

Though there's more to work than organization, with color coding, your workday can become more productive and efficient than ever.

Update from April 2021

Our star labels, colored adhesive dots, and color-code and labelling tape are a great way to get started on your organizing project! Once you find a routine way of organizing the office, keeping things organized long term will be easy. For more great organization tips or to view more products, check out Chromalabel today!


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