4 Ways to Advertise A Retail Clearance Sale Promotion


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With so many mediums to advertise on, your business can easily get lost in the shuffle. This is why a retail store owner needs to cover all their bases to promote a sale. Learn some of the various ways to advertise a retail clearance sale promotion.

Social Media

The most obvious way your small business can promote a retail clearance in today’s world is to use social media. This means you will want to have social media pages already set up. You can then create social media posts highlighting the sale itself along with the products. You can reach even more people by paying for ads too.

Website Home Page

Another place where you can advertise a retail store sale is on your website. The best place to promote a big sale is to have it prominent on the home page. You can also go one step further and link to the items you have on sale. An ad on the website’s home page is great because you can promote on the days leading up toward the sale, but make sure you take it down once the sales finishes.

Store Signs

A third way to advertise a retail clearance sale promotion is to have various store signs. This can be on the outside and inside of your store, and it easily sends the message across to pre-existing customers or people who tend to drive past your location. To grab a customer’s attention, use bright colors like red on the signs and mark the products on sale with colored adhesive dots.

Email Marketing

An additional way you can reach people is through the power of email. If you have a business newsletter, let subscribers know about the sale a few days in advance. Like social media, email marketing is another outlet in today’s digital age you can use to promote sales.

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