Benefits of Labels in Creating a Classroom Library

Benefits of Labels in Creating a Classroom Library

Designing a classroom library isn’t always as simple as putting a few books on shelves. Not only does a teacher need to create a space that inspires imagination and encourages reading, but the library needs to function as well and not hinder classroom productivity. Great labeling can make all the difference between a chaotic clutter of children’s novels and a pristine reading zone. Let’s explore the benefits of labels in creating a classroom library that runs smoothly from day one.

Instruction Without Instruction

As you set up shelves and break out books for your classroom’s new library, labels are a finishing touch worth thinking about early on. The biggest impact of labels in a library is that they teach without your teachers directly instructing.

Younger students greatly benefit from a chance to solve even a simple puzzle like returning their favorite library book to the right spot on the classroom shelves. Managing that is something to take pride in, and a perfectly organized classroom library finished without a teacher stepping in is worth celebrating! Great labeling also means that reading time with a substitute teacher doesn’t result in a stack of unorganized books; the kids are granted the tools they need to put things back where they go.

Expediting Reading Time Cleanup

When designing a new reading space for the kiddos, it’s critical to establish a system that is quick and easy to understand. There’s no guarantee any system is 100 percent effective, but brightly colored, easy-to-spot labels ensure that students can promptly return books after reading time with a good rate of success. After all, with only a few short hours in the school day and even less time for each class, a quick cleanup is critical.

Picking Labels That Last

Even knowing the benefits of labels in creating a classroom library, you might wonder how effective they are in the long term, semesters after you set up the shelves. We all know that avid readers frequently moving the books on and off the shelves and idle children picking at the labels means you need an organization system that lasts.

Knowing the wear and tear they’re bound to experience, it’s important to pick permanent labels and stickers. You can also seal in less permanent options with heavy-duty tape if some backup power becomes necessary.

Our team at Chromalabel is beyond happy to help supply your classroom or school with a wide variety of labels to better organize and establish new learning areas, libraries included. Our colored dot stickers are a particularly fun and effective method for communicating shelving systems to students learning a new setup. Shop our large selection of labels, stickers, and even book repair tape and stock up on the tools your teachers need!

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