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If you’re looking for a book binding repair tape that is easy to use and will work on lots of different types of books, this stretchable clear tape will do the trick. 


What is Clear Stretchable Book Binding Tape?

We thought you’d never ask!

Here’s some facts about this stretchy book binding tape: 

  • -Clear 
  • -Made of stretchy polyethylene
  • -Won’t turn yellow or crack 
  • -3.5 mil thick
  • -Archival safe: Ph Neutral/acid free
  • -Permanently sets in place after 24 hours. This means if you put it in the wrong spot, if you move it right away, the tape will come up so you can move it. 


When Would I Use This Tape?

    This tape can be used on tons of different kinds of books. This tape can also come in handy for other repair projects; items such as puzzle boxes that are breaking down.

    old cook book spoon 

    This tape works great for:

    -Quick repairs

    -School books/kids book


    -Books used everyday  







    colorful kid's books

    So, Why is it Stretchy?

    Why does tape need to stretch? Great question. The stretchable material comes in really handy when repairing book bindings that are no longer perfectly square or flat. 

    Working with a stiff tape like packing tape can make book repair a little more difficult. The tape won't bend around corners of a book and will be hard to apply to a binding that is no longer flat

    Stretchable tape can conform around edges or bumps. You can pull it up or down as you place it on your books spine, corners, and edges. 




    What Does This Tape Look Like on Books?

    clear stretchable tape book repair

    The clear tape blends into the color of the original book. This is especially nice if the book cover has a design.

    The tape doesn’t have a shiny coating, so there won’t be any sort of shine or glare coming off the book like packing tape would.



    And the Stickiness?

    It’s safe to say that this tape will stick to almost any surface. It’s a good idea to press down on the tape while applying to make sure it sits exactly flat to the surface you’re applying it to. 

    This tape will also stay in place. Initially it's repositionable, so if you place it in the wrong spot, you can move it. As the hours go by it will be harder to move and it will be firmly set in place after 24 hours.


    What Size Should I Buy?

    Here at ChromaLabel, we suggest that the binding tape wrap around the book spine 1/2" on either side. If the book spine is 1" wide, then we recommend buying a 2" wide roll of binding tape.

    Check out this article Newbie Guide to Building a Book Repair Kit as you get started on your book repair journey! 



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