Easy Ways To Improve Product Packaging

Easy Ways To Improve Product Packaging

Product packaging can be an easy aspect to neglect, but its importance is often understated. Not only is product packaging a consumer’s first impression of what you are trying to sell, but it also needs to be designed in a way where it can safeguard the product. If your business has been experiencing a decline in sales and can’t find the cause, you are frequently fighting high costs for packaging, or you haven’t changed your packaging in years—now is the time for your company to make a small change for the better. Continue reading to discover some easy ways to improve product packaging with the methods listed below.

Know Your Product

The first step you should take whenever you are trying to improve product packaging is to be well versed with the product itself. By knowing what the product is, it will be easier to determine its packaging needs. Some important factors to keep in mind about a product is the size, shape, weight, breakability, and whether it requires a material for product preservation while shipping like refrigeration. Taking this first step will allow for your product packaging to take shape for the better.

Go With Environmentally Friendly Materials

As you look for easy ways to improve your product packaging, something you should also consider is going with environmentally friendly materials. The benefits of going green are far greater than the alternative and it’s a simple change that your company can make to have a positive impact. For instance, you can make the switch to cardboard, which is already a common material used for shipping that is easily recyclable. Using environmentally friendly materials also sends a message to the consumer that can be beneficial towards your brand in the process as well.

Make Sure Packaging Is Appropriate

The next factor to keep in mind with packaging is whether it’s appropriate for your product. This idea goes back to knowing your product inside and out because you want to ensure that it remains safe during shipping. If your product is more fragile, then you will want to make sure the package itself is durable, whereas if your package is transporting soft goods, then that won’t be the case. Being appropriate also has to do with its use, which largely pertains to products that are used with the packaging for consumption or grooming.

Use Less Bulky Cushioning Materials

In addition to making sure the packaging is right for your product, another area where you can make improvements is with the cushioning materials. The weight of the products you ship plays a large role in how much it costs, and the added weight could be due to bulky cushioning materials you are using. To improve your packaging, go with less bulky cushioning materials that can both protect the product and bring down costs. Cushioning materials is an essential item to have for shipping, but there are instances where it could be causing more harm—and the key is to find the right balance.

Automate the Process

Another way you can improve product packaging is with the process you use. When you stick with manual packaging, you can start to overuse materials, which can have numerous downsides. A better alternative would be to switch to an automated process, which will help you avoid the overuse of materials and also drive down costs.

Keep It Consistent

Automating the process also gives you a better chance of keeping everything consistent with your product packaging. Consistency is key, and this couldn’t be more prevalent than with a company’s packaging. There’s a certain expectation the consumer has when packages arrive, and if they are regulars, then you will want to make sure the quality is high every time, because it is the first impression of the brand and the product.

Make It Easy To Open

There’s no bigger pain than having a package that is hard to open. No company wants to make their customers angry before they get their hands on the product itself, so make it easier on them. This will largely depend on the type of product you are selling, but doing something as simple as adding directions as to where they should open the product can go a long way. This is one major reason why you should always have the consumer in mind when you are designing products.

Keep Your Target Demographic in Mind

When you are trying to find simple ways to improve your product packaging, you should also keep your target demographic in mind throughout the process. This largely pertains to the design of the packaging, but this will allow you to have something that is appealing to your prominent customer base.

Think Outside the Box

Speaking of product packaging design, it’s also best to think outside of the box—literally. Aim to create packaging that allows for it to stand out from the competition. This all starts by having a distinct theme throughout all your products, hence another reason why consistency it so crucial. One option to make your packaging unique lies with your use of color and bold elements that bring out a feeling to the consumer subconsciously. Color can be a powerful tool that any company can use to their advantage, and there are plenty of cases where this has been proven to be a successful model.

Seek Professional Help

If you find that you are having trouble coming up with an effective design for your product’s packaging, then you should consider professional help. Investing in a quality design is well worth it, and sometimes going to an outside source is the best option for your company. Going with professional help can give your products the advantage they need over competitors by providing a design that is both modern and unparalleled.

Consider Chromalabel

Once you find the right design that encapsulates your company and product’s value, you then need to get that on your packaging. Chromalabel can help your business in a variety of different ways, with our wide selection of colored labels and our ability to customize labels and tape with your own premade designs. Our custom labels come in all different shapes and sizes that can be the right fit for your packaging. There’s no shortage of creative freedom you get when you stick with Chromalabel.


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Easy Ways To Improve Product Packaging


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