How to Label Freezer Items and Cold-Temperature Storage

JANUARY 9, 2023


What sort of labels do you need to make sure that your cold-storage stays organized and labeled for the long term?

Do you need to do anything specific to the label or to the surface? Do you need a specific kind of label made to handle low temperatures?  

The answers are sort of, yes, and not always.  See below to find out how to get the perfect results in your cold-storage environment with ChromaLabel labels!

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It's actually very simple to utilize our labels in cold environments.  Here are the four basic tips to make sure that your cold-storage, deep freeze, or cryogenic environment stays labeled successfully:

1 - Apply the label to the surface when both are at the same temperature.

Either freeze the label, then apply it to the surface, or bring the surface (box, vial, etc.) up to room temperature to match the label.  They have to be "temperature buddies" for the label to stick.  Also - important - make sure there is no condensation or frost!  Moisture will ruin the adhesive barrier.

2 - Use ChromaLabel Permanent Labels

Our removable labels are not well suited for low temperatures.  Great for scenarios when everyone is at a balmy room temperature, but less than optimal for Minnesota-cold.

3 - Follow our normal application tips for labeling

- Make sure the surface is dry, clean, and as smooth as possible

- Press the label onto the surface firmly

- Allow it to "set" or "cure" for 5-10 minutes before jostling it or rubbing against it.

With these tips, and ChromaLabel's high-quality paper and adhesive, you'll be a labeling pro, no matter the harsh environment!

Keep in mind - these are general tips. Your specific situation may be different.  So....

Contact us if you have questions, or if you want a sample to test before you purchase!  We'll be happy to advise you on the best solution for your specific needs.

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