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How To Organize a Restaurant Freezer


Have you ever played a game of Tetris? Who hasn’t? The classic Russian puzzle involves arranging falling block formations to complete rows, which vanish once they fill from end to end with no gaps. Once you leave so many gaps that the blocks stack up and overflow, it’s game over.

Figuring out how to organize a restaurant freezer can seem a lot like a game of Tetris—but there’s no Tchaikovsky playing in the background.

When you lose a game of Restaurant Freezer Tetris, that means a waste of your resources, which the margins inherent to the food service industry can’t handle. It’s a tough game. Even a walk-in freezer fills up fast under the demands of a modern restaurant kitchen.

You need to figure out what goes where, and you can’t afford to waste a single cubic inch. Not only does everything have to fit, but you have to determine how to make certain items readily accessible.

Here are some tips to help you make the most of the coolest space in your kitchen.


Intelligent Packaging

We don’t mean containers connected to the internet—rather, you simply need to be smart about the containers and packaging you use for your food.

You can go a long way toward optimizing your freezer space by investing in stackable containers that line up. You can also find ones that don’t slip and can hold all your different items, helping you save space.


Keep Things Separate

Even well-packaged meats and produce need to stay apart. To eliminate even the slightest chance of cross-contamination in your freezer, make sure to organize and partition your items to keep meat, poultry, and fish from coming into contact with one another or with other food products. Incidental contact between food products could lead to an unnecessary waste of resources.


Label Items Clearly

Making sure everything fits in the freezer isn’t enough. You must know at a glance what’s in all those packages. For that, you should label each item in your freezer—and clearly. To aid you in finding your way around your freezer, Chromalabel has you and your cold storage covered with removable colored tape for vivid and memorable labeling.

Our tape gives you enough space for all the pertinent info you need to organize a restaurant freezer, from contents and dates purchased to dates of preparation and freezing. The adhesives in our tape stay sticky even at sub-freezing temperatures, so don’t worry—the labels only come off when you take them off.

Color-code organizationInventory control

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