How to Tell Your Brand’s Story Through Packaging

How to Tell Your Brand’s Story Through Packaging

Packaging presents an opportunity for businesses to tell customers who they are and convince them that their brand is the best option. Great packaging can be the reason that a customer picks up a product. It can also cause them to buy it another time. Here are a few tips on how to tell your brand’s story through packaging that will help you make your design decisions.

Make the Most of Limited Space

You may mail your product out to customers, wrap up goods in-store, or send your items to stores for shelf display. Whatever the case, having fantastic packaging is essential. Simplicity can go a long way to make a product appear more professional. But including all the necessary information to sell your product is just as crucial as a clean look.

Consider whether seeing your product through the packaging helps sell it. This is the case with food products or artwork, so take cues from them. Utilize the inner packaging with a design or more information so that even the broken-down packaging is useful to customers. Doing this is perfect for products that you ship to customers. If a business card or logo sticker fits, it’s wise to include it in the packaging for smaller businesses.

Use Materials That Match Your Message

The materials you use to house your product can subtly tell your brand’s story through packaging. Creative brands can choose to go bold with doodle-like packaging, and refined brands can have luxe, sleek designs. Regardless of the style, your goal is to communicate your brand’s message and make a strong first impression.

The envelope, box, and even seals are all potential mediums for telling customers about your brand. For example, Kraft paper labels add a rustic, handmade feel but can also fit any eco-friendly product due to its natural appearance.

Keep the Experience in Mind

Great packaging enhances an already great product, and that idea goes beyond appearances. Imagine the process your product goes through. It moves from the manufacturing facility into the hands of the customer. That person may potentially photograph and review it!

Packaging that’s secure enough to survive the delivery process and accessible enough to open without a struggle tells customers that you care about that moment they receive their mail. It shows that you want every instant with your product to be a positive one.

Once you’ve designed your brand’s packaging, you need to find affordable and good-looking adhesives to keep the boxes sealed. Our glossy, clear wafer seals provide secure packaging closure without hiding any packaging designs. They’re ideal for products that need to travel. We also offer perforated seals that make opening packages easy for customers excited to get to your product!

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