colored circle stickers

colored circle stickers

What could possibly be said about removable color-coding circle stickers that hasn't already been said? They are generally used to label merchandise and products, but if you're a little OCD, you might use them to mark spots on the floor where furniture legs are supposed to go (in case they get moved ever-so-slightly). But consider this:

Color Science

Peel. Stick. Label. That's about as far as most people's interactions with colored circle stickers go. But in 2002, a research study proved that people recognize patterns up to 10% better when colors are used. Not only that, but each color has its own psychology, so people will respond to each color differently.


Reds make people feel excited and passionate, and it inspires love, danger and can actually make people feel hungry. So if you were labeling products based on a desire to make people feel something, subliminally, food products could be labeled with a red color coding sticker. Think about how many restaurant chains have red in them...


Orange demands attention! It is energetic, vibrant, warm and enthusiastic. It's a playful color that borrows some of the red's exciting properties while adding some of the yellow's sense of optimism.


Yellow color coding stickers are friendly and fun. The urge to draw a smiley face on them is likely irresistible, so order extra. It's like bubble can't stop yourself from popping a few sheets; it's satisfying and makes you happy, just like the color yellow.


If you ever watched "Meet the Parents," you'll remember that green is the color that geniuses choose (the color of the car Greg was given by the rental company before a series of increasingly wacky antics in an attempt to impress Robert De Niro). But green, as you might suspect, is more related to nature, renewal, and the environment.


Blue is all about trust and calm. Many people associate blue with masculinity, but its true psychological effect is free from gender. Blue signifies unity, trust, and harmony.


Purple is hip at the same time that it's royal. It's a very regal, luxurious color, reserved often for luxury brand products. It's also a bit mysterious and romantic, taking some of the exciting elements of red.


So the next time you've got small colored dot stickers and thinking of new ways to organize your products, notes, and fan mail, consider that there is a lot working at a subconscious level that will cause your colored circle stickers to influence people's reactions.

Color-code organization

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