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The Business of Making Stickers

When it comes to printing stickers, we do it a lot. Round printable stickers small colored dot stickers, stickers made in America that have been blessed by George Washington's pet Bald Eagle . . . ok, maybe not that last one. However, we do a lot of stickers. We get it though when it comes to stickers, you want to get it right. For example, 85% of customers cite color as a primary reason for purchasing a product. Can the color of your printable circle labels influence a purchasing decision? Perhaps. Colored stickers are an option.

Just how do you sort through the hundreds of options for stickers without getting, well, stuck? Even round printable labels have seemingly endless options for high gloss, low gloss, or no gloss. Round printable labels can also come in different options for colors. What about the type of sticker your round printable labels come on? Is it a peel-off sticker? Permanent sticker? Well, to help you sort through it all, here is a list of some different types of stickers to help your business stick:

Sticker Material Types

Industrial Vinyl: This is a great material for outdoor labels. High quality industrial vinyl labels and stickers have around 10 years of resistance from UV radiation and weather guard. Additionally, outdoor labels will frequently be exposed to chemicals, and so they are made to be chemical resistant. Because of their flexibility, industrial vinyl labels are often used on sharp, curved surfaces and on rivets. Often you will see this type of label on a pipeline, rental equipment, fleet decals, and other similar settings.

Polyester Labels: Polyester is a very popular label type that can come in many different shapes. The most popular option is the metalized look, which gives the sticker a chrome finish or mirror look. This is great for indoor and outdoor labeling and can be used on pipes and panels. Mostly used for equipment that sees harsh operating conditions or weather conditions, polyester stickers are given an extremely strong and long lasting adhesive backing.

Foil Paper Stickers: This type of sticker is often used as a holiday sticker or for food stickers. Foil paper labels are available in dull or bright options, as well as silver and gold. Because foil paper is quite eye-catching, it is often used to draw attention to products that are sitting on a shelf and might otherwise be glanced over.

Fluorescent Paper Labels: This is an excellent option for round printable labels. Fluorescent paper labels are coated with synthetic material and come in many colors such as red, pink, orange, and green. This is another flashy option that is used to draw attention or alert people to some important piece of information.

Polypropylene Labels: This is a great replacement for those who don't want vinyl labels but still want excellent solvent resistance. Polypropylene is much more affordable than polyester labels and often has better clarity and readability. These are often available in a Chrome silver finish, Clear BOPP material, or White BOPP material. Because they are immune to water, polypropylene stickers are often used for bath products or products that will come in contact with water frequently.

Satin Labels: These are very fancy looking labels that are great for wine or other spirits. Satin labels can add a beautiful aesthetic to your product packaging and give it an extremely luxurious feel. This type of sticker is also often used for holiday gifting or creating high-end holiday gift baskets to be sold.

Recycled Labels: These labels are created from 100% recycled material. Because it is created from #55 paper material, this label gives an earthy appearance. Organic foods will often use this type of label as an additional way to appeal to the eco-conscious consumer, as do vegan or niche dietary food items. These labels do not hold up well under water though, as being made from recycled material they are also extremely biodegradable. The biodegradability is often seen as a huge plus in environmentally conscious consumers minds, as it adds to the value of the product by reducing landfill waste.

Picking the perfect label can be confusing at times. Let us know what you need labels for and we can give you some excellent recommendations.

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