heavy duty colored adhesive tape

heavy duty colored adhesive tape

Moving out is a rite of passage. Whether you're headed down the street or across the country, you're headed towards a new home and a new life. However, it's not just you that is moving; considering the fact that there are approximately 300,000 items in the average home, you're going to need to prepare well in advance to ensure they all arrive safely at your new digs. Let's check out three of the best kinds of tape to use on moving boxes.

  • Filament or strapping tape: Approximately 65 billion parcels were shipped worldwide in 2016, and most of them (if they were smart) relied on filament tape for the journey. The material contains fiberglass strands to provide added support for boxes and bundles that are at risk of being jostled in transit. Filament tape comes in a variety of grades that explain the amount of weight they're able to hold, from 100 pounds to 380 pounds. If you need to ship your items, filament tape is the way to go.
  • Gummed paper tape: Gummed paper tape is water activated, meaning you need to wet it with a dispenser or sponge. The resulting bond is strong and permanent; you won't be able to remove it without visibly scarring the cardboard container. In fact, it's so strong that it actually strengthens the box, making it an ideal choice for heavy items and long-term storage.
  • Heavy duty colored adhesive tape: Tape can be pretty boring on its own, so why not add a splash of color? In addition to being more fun heavy duty colored adhesive tape can help you notate your boxes: blue tape contains bathroom items, red tape goes in the living room, etc. As long as the adhesive is heavy duty, you'll have no problem transporting your boxes.

These tape varieties are essential to keeping your boxes together and in one piece, but it's a good idea to invest in color coding stickers as well. When you finally get to your new apartment or house, you might struggle to tell your boxes (and your handwriting) apart; by using small colored dot stickers, you won't have to crack open the whole box to figure out which room it's supposed to go in. In fact, heavy-duty colored adhesive tape performs both roles at once!


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