Get Crafty! 4 Creative Uses For Colored Circle Stickers, Part I

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People love stickers. Whether you're four years old and decorating every flat surface you can find or middle-aged and marking off your calendar, color coding stickers provide timeless fun and functionality at the same time. If you're the creative type, your options are essentially limitless; in this two-part blog, we're going to be showing you eight out-of-the-box ways to use your small colored dot stickers, no matter what color or size they may be. Now, let's get sticking!

  1. Paper plate fish: Both parents and children alike are familiar with the book The Rainbow Fish. Rainbow Fish is known for his beautiful scales, some of which glitter and shine in the light; you can easily recreate this iconic character -- and the moral of his story -- by creating a paper plate fish and using color-coding stickers for the scales. Simply paint a paper plate the color of your choosing, cut out some extra pieces shaped like fins, and glue your very own rainbow fish together; add color coding stickers to finish it all off.
  2. Envelope seals: Although very few people send letters anymore, they are always fun to receive. Rather than licking that old piece of paper and dealing with the bitterness of envelope glue, you can use colored circle stickers to seal your envelope; the added dash of color will brighten up the entire appearance and help you avoid the risk of a tongue paper cut!
  3. DIY dotted wrapping paper: Wrapping paper can be extremely expensive. Generally speaking, the fancier and more colorful the paper, the more it costs. You can cut corners without cutting color but buying inexpensive plain paper and adding your own dots. However, it's important to note that color blindness affects a good number of people in the world (8% of men and 0.5% of women), so if you're giving a gift to a friend who has this condition, it's better to use dots that are shades of the same color; that way, they'll be able to see the differences.
  4. Color book: Teaching your children the basics of the color wheel can be tricky. This simple color book uses stickers to get the message across in a way your kid will recognize and enjoy; they can even help you make it, to further their understanding.

Join us in our second part to discover four more ways you can put that pile of colored stickers you've been hoarding for years to good use!

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