Get Crafty! 4 Creative Uses For Colored Circle Stickers, Part II

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Picking up where we left off, here are four more fun and useful ways you can put those color-coding stickers to work in your home.

5. Easy Easter egg decorations: Easter is an exciting time for kids. From the egg hunts to the candy, the holiday is always a favorite for little ones. Unfortunately, the process of egg dying can be a bit too complicated (or messy) if your kids are very young. To keep your counters and their hands-free from food coloring, give them tiny color coding stickers to decorate their eggs with; they can make flowers and other designs without destroying your kitchen in the process.

6. Luminaries: If you've ever caught fireflies in a jar, you know how beautiful the shining lights can be. Rather than hunting in the wild for the small bugs, you can make your own using stickers and a short string of fairy lights. Simply place the stickers on a clear mason jar in any design you like, paint the entire thing in a color of your choosing (stay away from dark colors or the light won't be able to shine through), and then remove the stickers once the paint has dried. Once you place the lights inside, you'll have a magical jar that is 100% bug-free.

7. Quilt circles without marking: Quilts have a long history in America, and thus are an excellent way to celebrate Made In America week (July 17 to July 23). Because the designs can be quite tricky, color coding stickers allow you to sew circles without leaving any marks behind; simply place a sticker, stitch around it, then peel it off and reposition it to another spot -- easy peasy!

8. Easy pumpkin decorations: Pumpkin decorating is one of the best parts of Halloween. Unfortunately, many kids are too young to use the tools necessary in the event. Color coding stickers allow them to take part in the holiday without the risk of hurting themselves; give your young ones several sheets of stickers and allow them to create their best spooky design.

Creativity has no limits; if you can dream it, you can do it! Though we're sure you've made a dent on that full bin of color-coding stickers (especially if you've followed all of these projects), there are always new ideas waiting just around the corner. The next time your craft bin becomes full to bursting with colored stickers, consult with your kids on how you can make use of them, either in fun or functional ways. From small colored dot stickers to oversized colored circle labels, the possibilities are endless!

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