Tips for Color-Coding Your Office Relocation

Tips for Color-Coding Your Office Relocation

As the gears start to shift toward sending white-collar workforces back to the office, seldom are employees going back to that office. Commercial real estate in 2021 is fluid, to say the least, with some companies downsizing to accommodate more remote work and others finding themselves growing in the wake of the pandemic and requiring more space all in one place. Meanwhile, with leases ending and the markets in flux, even tenants whose spatial needs have stayed the same often find themselves pulling up stakes, whether it’s a move across the office park or a relocation to a state with favorable tax breaks.

Whatever the change, offices are on the move, and as anyone who has even had to change apartments knows, moving is overwhelming. Before you find yourself gazing upon a now-desolate office space devoid of furniture, supplies, and people, streamline your move with some vivid tips for color-coding your office relocation.

Devise a Key

You might be surprised at how many people attempt to color-code their belongings without thinking to crack the code for others. When working with professional movers, the meanings of the colors you use cannot live entirely within your head. If boxes bound for the sales floor are color-coded, make it clear to the moving team that those boxes should wind up in the general vicinity of where your sales department will be working. You can accomplish this with a color-coded floor plan for your associates in relocation to follow faithfully.

Pair Numbers With Colors

At Chromalabel, we love every color under the sun. Still, we realize that well-organized relocations require both right-hemisphere visual stimulation and left-hemisphere arithmetic. As you color-code your boxes, don’t forget to shore up the info by numbering your boxes by floor or department. For instance, if you have eight boxes headed to the sales floor, number them 1/8 through 8/8. This way, after your color-coded chart sends boxes to the correct locations, the numbering will ensure that all your materials are accounted for. Design and print out a color-coded checklist that lists the correct number of boxes for each color.

Make Your Colors Loud and Clear

Color-coding your office relocation won’t do much good if no one can tell the colors apart. We’re not talking about an unfortunate case of red-green color blindness—more like disabusing readers of the idea that scrawling on cardboard in different colors of permanent marker is enough to get the job done. Chromalabel boasts colored adhesive label tape that makes your color-coding unmistakable with wide coverage and eye-catching hues.

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