Top 4 Tips for Reselling Your Old Textbooks

Buying overpriced textbooks is unfortunately a part of the college experience. After you finish courses, you can get some money back by reselling them. Discover the top four tips for reselling your old textbooks.

Always Post Pictures

Pictures are what sell used items. For one thing, an image lets someone see exactly what they’re getting. It can be crucial to have a specific edition of a textbook for many people, and the cover is usually a reliable way to identify the right one.

Make Them Presentable

If you highlighted every page of your biology textbook, there’s not a lot you can do to clean things up. You can erase pencil marks and smooth out the pages if possible. If your books are falling apart, you can make them functional again using book binding tape. The better your books look in the pictures, the more money you can ask for them.

Be Honest

Here’s another top tip for reselling your old textbooks: beauty doesn’t always matter. Plenty of students don’t care about having a mint copy of their required course materials. If your books are missing covers, online codes, or have lots of writing in them, that’s okay! Just be up front with potential buyers about the book’s condition. Having pictures helps clear up any confusion.

Ship on Time

If you’re reselling lots of books, you want to ensure that buyers are happy with what they receive and how quickly their purchases arrive. You can help boost your seller ratings by being prompt with deliveries to the post office and making sure you protect your books from damage.

If your textbooks are quite popular, you may find lots and lots of people selling them. A good rating can really help set you apart and help buyers feel confident about buying your copy.

Selling Smarter

Reselling textbooks can be a hassle, but it can net you a nice bit of cash to put toward next semester’s course load. ChromaLabel’s book binding tape is the perfect way to fix old hand-me-down copies and make them sellable again.

Think your textbooks are too big for our tape? Don’t worry—we have tape widths all the way up to four inches. Call or email us if you have any questions about using our bookbinding tape to repair textbooks.

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