• 3/4 inch White "NEW" Circle labels
  • 0.75" White and Red "NEW" Dots
  • White and Red "NEW" Round Label
  • 0.75 inch "NEW" Circle Dots on Packaging

3/4" Round "NEW" Labels | Removable Adhesive: 1,000/Box


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Quick Product Facts

  •     - 1,000 dots in each easy-to-use dispenser box
  •     - Dots have a 0.75 inch diameter (19.05mm/ 1.9cm)
  •     - White, round label imprinted "NEW" in Red
  •     - Backed with removable adhesive that never leaves residue
  •     - Matte finish label is easy to write on with most markers and pens


Endless Uses:

These 3/4 inch white dots are perfect for marking new items in a very large variety of situations. And we hear of more and more daily from our customers.

Warehouses can use these round stickers to help manage inventory; a church group might use them to distinguish which items are new at a consignment sale; a bakery may use them to display which of their delectable, succulent pastries are warm and fresh from the maws of the glowing oven.

Butchers, bakers, and candlestick makers have all used these 3/4" stickers to label their newly produced merchandise. What's your application? Tell us, and we'll add it to the list.

From What Material are They Crafted?

These "NEW" labels are produced in the USA from a high quality, matte-finish paper, which is backed with removable adhesive so that you can remove them cleanly, without any residue, when they are no longer needed. The matte finish ensures that you can easily write on them with most markers and pens without the ink bleeding through or smearing.

Each roll of 1000 labels is held in a dispenser box which takes all the fuss out of removing each label from the liner and also helps to keep them organized.

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