• 2" Biohazard Safety Tape
  • Using 2" Biohazard PVC Tape

"BIOHAZARD" - Imprinted 2" PVC Tape: 55 yds


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Quick Product Facts

  •     - Each roll is 2" x 55 yds on a 3" core
  •     - Imprint: "BIOHAZARD" with international symbol
  •     - Material: translucent, 2-mil-thick polyvinylchloride (PVC)
  •     - Weatherproof, highly conformable, corrosion resistant and stretchable
  •     - Permanent Adhesive sticks well to most surfaces                     

What Material is this Tape?:

This thin, stretchy, strong and uber-sticky tape is weather proof and corrosion resistant after it's been firmly applied, which makes it ideal for use in the toughest environments.

Designed for optimum use in medical and industrial environments, this two-inch wide tape is ideal for wrapping corners with ultimate conformability. The strong, pressure-sensitive adhesive permanently adheres and conforms to irregularly shaped objects with ease. 

Each tape roll ships cleanly shrink wrapped on a 3 inch core from our warehouse in the great state of Kansas.

What are its Uses?

Wrap up boxes, medical waste bins, and safety hazard materials - all while keeping the Feds happy (fulfills OSHA's requirement for blood pathogen labeling)! 

Sealing and labeling containers that contain hazardous materials are just the standard uses. It also works great for Halloween costumes or zombie themed parties! 

If you've used this for any other unique applications, let us know!

PVC Biohazard Warning Tape


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