It's in Our Blood

Medicine has advanced leaps and bounds since we started serving the industry in the 70s. While we like to reminisce about the "good old days" We are even more excited about the future... Here's to serving Medical Professionals for decades to come!

  • In Compliance with ASTM Standards

  • Custom Imprints for Your Operating Room

  • Quality Adhesive Products

  • 38 Colors for Color Coding

  • Anesthesia Labels and Tape


Satisfied Medical Professionals Worldwide

A Quick Stroll down Memory Lane...

Back in 1976, when some people were celebrating the bicentennial, Del was hard at work launching a business that would provide hospitals with labels and tape.

Things have changed a lot since then, from glass bottle IVs and glass thermometers to disposable plastic bags and digital temperature scanners.
Something as simple as going from flat sheets to fitted sheets has helped advance the care that medical professionals can provide their patients.

Little things like having a chart clipboard hanging at the base of the bed have been replaced with barcodes on patient wristbands that documents all of the patient's information on a computer. 

Each an every year great advances are being made in the medical world, and ChromaLabel will continue serving the next generation of doctors, physician assistants, nurses, pharmacists, and administrators for years to come.
Everyone has a System, Here's How We Fit in...

Organized, Efficient, Accurate

In a fast paced emergency setting, Color Coding is crucial to prevent Syringe Swaps. You don't want to push the wrong drug at the wrong time in the O.R.

Quick Identification

Even though the Pharmacists affix Pre-printed Labels to all their medication, adding a color coded label can help workflow

Color Coded from Start to Finish

Using Color Coded Drug Tape on the Large Syringe, the Syringe Pump and on the Infusion Tubing Eliminates the Possibility for Any Mix-up

Taking Our Cue from the Professionals

We Listen to Your Feedback and Provide You with Solutions that Suit Your Needs!

Need something as a label not a tape or vice versa? Let us know

Robert will guide you through the process and get you what you need to complete your order Stress-Free

The ChromaLabel Advantage

Labels Designed for Healthcare

From Biohazard Tape and Labels to Anesthesia Tapes

Identification and Classification

Color coding is a great way to keep things streamlined and efficient

Next Level Data

Scan and track important information with barcode labels

Learn More at 
Sticky News

Health screenings are critical to doctors and patients alike, which is why an efficient organization system for those screenings is equally critical.

Simple color coding dots can solve quick problems like they did for Aviva Care Pharmacy. We offer stickers in multiple colors and sizes to fit your exact needs. Custom labels are also available to provide a personalized sticky solution! 

Medical practices must efficiently keep track of hundreds of things daily. If you ask us, there’s no better way to achieve this than enhancing organization throughout the office. Learn about some strategies that can help make your medical practice a more organized and efficient place.

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Automation & robotics make commerce awesome. You get products fast, cheap, and just how you expect. Right...?

Yeah not always. We've all ordered something that turns out to be awful quality, or exactly what we weren't expecting.

At ChromaLabel, we have the Four Eyes Guarantee to make sure you're happy when your product arrives!

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