Case Study: How Aviva Care Pharmacy Keeps Costs Down with ChromaLabel

How do you balance cost savings with clear communications - especially when the stakes are high?

Hospitals, clinics, healthcare facilities, and pharmacies have to keep a careful balance in today's healthcare market between cost-savings and clear procedures & communication. With reimbursements changing at the same time that responses are quickening due to the Covid-19 pandemic, individual hospital systems and pharmacies have come up with creative ways to be both efficient and thorough.

Aviva Care Pharmacy in Sunrise, FL, turned to ChromaLabel to assist with clearly communicating to their customers how and when to take certain medications.

There are custom-printed blister packs for pills available to purchase, but they are much more expensive than the standard blister packs.  So Aviva needed a solution to clearly tell their customers when the medication should be taken, yet a solution that would be affordable:

We reached out to Irina, the pharmacy manager, and she kindly agreed to share a picture with what they're doing:

Hi, we'd love to share. We are Aviva Care Pharmacy. We use the  2” x 3” rectangle labels for Long Term Care facilities to differentiate AM, NOON and PM unit dose blister packs. It's more cost effective to put the labels vs ordering pre-made blister packs from a vendor. I've attached a picture so you can see how it's used. 

Should you have a communication, organization, inventory, or personnel management problem, odds are we can help you solve it affordably and simply - while maintaining the same level of care and thoroughness that is expected.

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In sum: Simple color coding dots can solve quick problems like they did for Aviva Care Pharmacy. We offer stickers in multiple colors and sizes to fit your exact needs. Custom labels are also available to provide a personalized sticky solution! 

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