• Moving Buddy Kit Tape and Labels
  • Moving Kit Breaks Language Barriers
  • Easily See Where All Boxes Belong
  • Tape Removes Cleanly from Delicate Surfaces
  • Green Sticker Labeling Moving Box

Home Moving Buddy Kit


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Quick Product Facts

  •     - Match the box to the room with corresponding colored tapes & labels
  •     - Colors help language-proof your move
  •     - Labels have permanent adhesive, tape has removable adhesive
  •     - Easily write on the tapes/ labels with included sharpie
  •     - Kit Contents: 150 Labels, 2" x 3" in 5 Colors, 5 Rolls of Clean-Remove Tape, and a Free Sharpie.              

How to Use This Kit:

Use color to language-proof your move with the Moving Buddy Kit, exclusively from Chromalabel. We made this assortment during a recent house move that entailed a dozen friends moving a ton of boxes and furniture in a very short time. If you've ever had a group of volunteers help you move, you know how critical it is to have them move everything correctly the first time while they're present.

Each general area of the house was assigned a color, and every object going to that area was assigned the corresponding color. Depending on the object, tape or labels were used. For glass, wood, curved surfaces (like lamps), we used the tape, because it removes easily and cleanly. We also used the clean-remove tape to designate different areas of the house (see the dude in the 2nd picture above); that way the label on the box matched the room. The permanent labels were perfect for boxes. For further detail, we wrote on the labels or tape to define the box contents. For example: blue = kitchen, while we described the contents as spices, spoons, or spatulas.


The great thing about this process is that we didn't tell the movers what we were doing! They figured out the color-code system all on their own, and saved us a ton of time when sorting things later. Even Jim caught on relatively quickly! Can you imagine how vital this would have been if we had had movers who spoke English as a second language!

Another perk was not getting stuck with a bunch of labels that have preprinted names on them. If we had labels or tape left over, we could do things like label leftovers or stick squares on co-workers.