• 1" Removable Ruler Measuring Tape
  • 1" Yellow Measuring Tape
  • 1" White Measuring Tape
  • 1" Yellow Ruler Tape on Desk
  • 1" Removable Ruler Tape
  • 1" Hobby Measuring Tape
  • 1" Yellow Ruler Tape on Workbench
  • 1" White Ruler Tape on Workbench
  • 1" White Measuring Tape on Paper Cutter

1" Adhesive Ruler Tape: 14 yds


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Quick Product Facts

  •     - 1 inch x 13.9 yds (41 complete, stick-on 'rulers' per roll)
  •     - Peel and stick almost anywhere, removes cleanly
  •     - Includes both Imperial (12 inch) and Metric (30cm)
  •     - Ideal for classrooms as a teaching aid, desks, hobbyists, computer monitors
  •     - Latex free, premium paper tape with clean-remove adhesive
  •     - Please contact us for free samples                     

About Ruler Tape:

This Ruler Tape gets an A+ as a teaching aid in the classroom ... along with a variety of uses for hobbyists and craftsman alike! People have used this tape for making jigs, installing shelves in tight places, decorating gourds, product photography, teaching children and so many different uses that it's hard to keep count!

The sheer uniqueness of removable adhesive ruler tape being both a ruler AND a tape can help to spark interest in youngsters when it comes to teaching the rudimentary elements of measurement, something Educators will certainly appreciate.

However, this seemingly singular basic use isn't the final exam! Hobbyists and craftsman can go for extra credit by using it on curved surfaces, multi-sided objects, pipes, plastic tubing ... the possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

Want to read more and increase your knowledge about this awesome tape? Check out this blog post! 

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