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Take your book repair process to the next level with book repair wings and corners from ChromaLabel. 

They're a really easy way to reinforce your book and promote longevity and can be used on tons of different kinds of books.

  • -24 wings per pack
  • -Available in premium cloth (8 colors)
  • -One size fits most books
  • -Highly durable & conformable - doesn't require cutting or measuring
  • -PH Neutral and archival-safe adhesive     

The premium cloth book repair wings are produced from the same material as our cloth book repair tape.


cloth book repair wings

Book Repair Wings 

The top and bottom of the book spine are both very vulnerable places on a book. Book wings are an easy way to protect the book spine.

It’s not always easy to wrap tape around this area of the book. You can use other kinds of household tape, but there will inevitably be pieces of tape that don't fold over evenly, and the finished product won't look really professional. 

Book wings are made to fit exactly, so there's no left over tape to cut, no bumps, and the finished product looks great. 



book repair wings inside of book

Quick Facts about Cloth Book Repair Wings 

  1. Books are protected longer, because of the high resistance to scuffs and abrasion due to its thickness.
  2. It has superior binding strength, because it's made of quality, vinyl-coated cotton that has 45 lbs per inch tensile strength.
  3. Conformability makes it easy to wrap around corners and curves. The tape won’t crack or become brittle. 
  4. Permanent adhesive won’t fade or yellow over time.
  5. Keep your books looking good. The color doesn't lose its vibrancy over time.


book repair corners on a book

Book Repair Corners 

Book repair corners are exactly the same as the wings; they are just made to fit the corner edges of the book instead of the top and bottom of the spine. 

The edges of books are one of the most easily damaged spots. Handling, dropping, moving, and of course reading books are part of the book's normal routine, which causes a lot of wear and tear. 

Book wings and corners are an easy way to restore your books to their youthfulness and keep them in good condition for a long time. 


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