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Vinyl book repair tape is a great tool to use for fixing up your books. Different tapes have different uses and functions in the book repair process.

Let's introduce you to this nifty kind of tape.  


vinyl book repair tape

Quick Facts About ChromaLabel's Vinyl Book Repair Tape

  •     - Available in multiple widths
  •     - Tape comes on a grid liner for precise cutting & measuring
  •     - 5 mil thick vinyl | 28 pound tensile strength
  •     - Non-glare matte surface | Ultra-aggressive adhesive
  •     - Comes cleanly shrink wrapped on a 3" core  



vinyl tape repairing a book

What Books Does This Tape Works Best For?

This tape can be used on a variety of different kinds of books. It works especially great on paperback books. The clear tape allows the decorative cover of the book to be seen. 

Although the adhesive on this tape is strong enough to stick to most surfaces, if you are working with a cloth book binding, we suggest checking out Chromalabel's cloth book binding repair tape.

For hardcover and paperback books, this vinyl tape works really great! The tape is fairly stiff which will hold the book together well and prevent the book any further bangs and bruises. 



vinyl book repair tape with liner

Tape with a Liner

The liner that comes with the tape makes cutting and measuring really simple. You can make the tape purchase worth your while and not waste any tape by keeping your measuring and cutting exact. It allows for a nice straight cut which will keep your books looking nice and professional. 

This is especially helpful for important books. If you're an antique book collector, own an extensive library, or have older books that you want to preserve the life and look of the book, this sturdy tape is just what you need. 




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