Disorder on the Shelves? Make Your Business More Organized with Printable Labels

printable circle labelsOn average, the United States Postal Service handles 15.8 million packages. Their filing system is precise and organized down to a science. While you likely do not have the same amount of packages or product going through your business as the U.S. Postal Service, you might find yourself a little jealous of their organization and product handling.

Here's how the post office can inspire organization in your business.

Use labels

Labels are one of the simplest and best products to create order and structure to your business. Having printable circle labels that clearly define the product price or department location can help clear up a lot of confusion and unnecessary distractions throughout the day.

Use stickers for employees

When reorganizing an office or store, try using color coding stickers on boxes and shelves. Organizing boxes by color will prevent items from getting lost and streamline the process.

Many people associate color with order. Luckily, there is a wide assortment of color circle stickers to choose from. So, once you have assigned the human resources department the color purple, make sure you don’t assign another department that color or switch things up further down the line. This can cause mistakes and confusion that results in a decrease in office productivity.

Use stickers for your customers

If you are a retail store, colored price stickers can really help your customers navigate business. For example, if you say that all items with a blue tag are 30% off that day, customers will have a better understanding of what is on sale. This reduces confusion among consumers who may get confused when an entire section of the store is on sale.

Keep in mind that by color coding your business or office, you have the option of buying colored stickers in bulk or investing in printable circle labels. With printable circle labels, you also have the option of putting your business’ logo on the stickers to make the sticker even more memorable.

No matter what your specific organizational needs are for your business, follow the Post Office; creating and assigning color-coded labels is one of the best places to begin.

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