Lucrative Labels: 4 Tips To Creating The Perfect Design

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In a country where capitalism is king, first impressions are everything. The technological era that we live is giving way to profound numbers of new companies, businesses, and startups. Since many of them offer the same or very similar products, the difference between a sale and a loss relies almost exclusively on that first impression. As a result, crafting the perfect custom adhesive labels for your product is one of the best ways to stay ahead of the competition. Here are a few design tips to help you do just that.

  • Use color, texture, and type to your advantage. Color has been shown to increase brand recognition by a whopping 80%, so the colors you choose (including colored dot stickers and colored price stickers) absolutely have an impact. From emotional responses to visibility on a shelf, your label should be as practical as it is unique. Additionally, be sure to consider inherent assumptions about design. For example, the rustic look is great for products using recycled materials, but would turn a lot of people off if it's attached to a high-tech product, even if the materials involved are recycled.
  • Consider the container. Your label shouldn't just fit the container, it should accentuate certain aspects that you want to draw attention to. What is revealed about the product (a.k.a., what space isn't covered) is just as important as what the label conceals. Find a design that suits the shape of the container as much as the product itself.
  • 'Memorable' and 'distinctive' matter. Your design should be something that doesn't just grab a customer's attention -- it holds it. Focus on being memorable and distinctive: if your product is on a shelf next to five competitors, it should easily stand out among the crowd.
  • Get feedback. Even the best projects in the world rely on feedback. Anything that is developed can improve, especially as times and consumer behaviors change. To ensure your label is effective, send out surveys to individuals that have purchased your product and ask them how they feel about it, and why.

Fortunately for you, there are limitless options available for your custom adhesive labels. Once you've tackled the main event, you can seek out color coded stickers to help organize your storeroom, or printable dot stickers to use on sale items -- you can even invest in label protectors to guarantee the life of your customized stickers and labels.


Update from April 2021

With our custom labels you can choose the color, size, shape, and texture. You can also start with a pre-made design to make things easier! We will be happy to help you go through the process or answer any questions. (800) 256-0435


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