From Removable Tape To Clear Labels: The Office Supplies That Make Life Easier

removable colored tape

You most likely don't think much about removable colored tape, even though there's a good chance that you've at the very minimum used some at work or school, if not on your own personal projects. There are a number of reasons why consumers use removable colored tape, as well as printable dot stickers, round printable labels, and many other random little stickers. You've probably used them mindlessly, without thinking about how inconvenient it would be for you to go through life without them. Book repair tapes, clear glossy label protectors -- they usually come from the same sources as removable colored tape. Of course, the various colors and distinct features of these products aren't just added in order to make your office or schoolwork a little less boring. There are particular reasons why bright colors and bold lettering are used on these products, just as there are reasons why a clear label may sometimes be a better option. Let's dive into why these products are used so prevalently, and for that matter how they can make your life just a little bit easier.

Color Theory: Yes, Color Theory

If you've used removable colored tape or small colored dot stickers, chances are that you've done so in order to color code something. This something could be your work binder, or it could be particular parts of a book that you need to return to for different parts of a paper you're writing. Color coding can help create a sort of shorthand in your brain, which is especially useful when you're working with something heavy or long. For example, most novels today run between 280 and 320 pages, or 75,000 to 110,000 words. It's much easier for someone who is trying to go back to, say, pages 50 through 60 to strengthen one part of their paper, to use removable colored labels rather than keeping track of their reference points mentally. Color theory means that our brains associate different colors with different thoughts or feelings -- and brighter colors draw our eyes faster than darker colors. Having brightly colored labels or stickers will allow you to organize different sections of your work efficiently. Many people also use different colors to symbolize different parts of their work. How you organize your colors is up to you; but using them is an easy way to create an organizational system of some kind, and it all goes back to color theory.

Removable Stickies: Why You'll Be Glad You Have Them

Not all stickers are removable. But being able to use removable stickers and labels will make your life a lot easier. Many of us like to highlight or underline certain notes or phrases. However, that doesn't mean you'll want to make permanent alterations to your source material. Removable labels and stickers allow people to do what they need without worrying about permanent "damage" of any kind. This is why a lot of people use removable price stickers for items that they sell in yard sales. People can still enjoy these items without worrying about them being permanently altered or damaged in some way. You're getting everything that you would get from a notation or highlight, without the permanence!

Labels And Lists: Transparency Matters

Remember: you don't just have to rely upon colored labels and stickers. The great thing about these products is that there is a vast array of types. Some people find colors a bit garish or distracting. Clear labels are particularly preferred in the office, where they help people maintain a professional appearance. Sometimes it's just a matter of personal preference! However your mind works, and whatever makes it easier for you to organize your material and not forget about it throughout the day -- it doesn't matter. Know that you have the options available, and use them!

Sure, you could say that these are just stickers and labels we're talking about -- but how many things would you forget about if you didn't use them?


Update from April 2021

One of our favorite products is our color coding tape! This tape comes in different widths and colors and the uses for this tape are endless. Easily label boxes of tools in the garage, bins of kid's toys, files in the office, and items in the kitchen. The edges don't peel up and the tape will stay in place until you decide it's time for it to go, at which point it will peel up and won't leave a sticky residue!  

Color-code organization

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