How to Organize Your Office Wiring

Organize Messy Office Wires

A traditional office work desk includes various devices like computers and telephones. Our entire office is connected through wires today, which means there’s a chance for a disorganized mess. If wires get tangled up, it can keep your devices from working and potentially cause a fire. To prevent the mess, use these tips on how to organize your office wiring.


Unplug Everything

Before you start organizing, unplug everything from the power outlet. Then, untangle any wires and trace them back to their source. Make sure each wire is apart from the others and straightened out.


Label the Cables

Next up, grab some colored adhesive tape and carefully label each wire accordingly. Designate a color for each device you have, and wrap it around the wire. Use extra tape to create a tag, so you can label the wire with the device’s name it connects to.


Use Zip Ties

If there are any long wires, use zip ties to hold the excess cable, so you can decrease the risk of it getting tangled. There are various ways you can go about using zip tires to organize your wires.


Have A Power Strip

A power strip will allow you to plug all of your devices in. Make sure you use the closest outlet for each wire and do not cross them over. This would even be a good place to mark your wires with the tape, as well.


Eliminate Wires 

There are many devices today that have the option to go wireless, so use them to avoid as many wires as you can. Devices like a keyboard and a mouse are offered with wireless capabilities. This will help you eliminate wires in the easiest way possible.


Messy wires can be dangerous and cause disorganization, and they can also make things far more difficult if you ever need to move. Make things easy on yourself by keeping your work set up organized, so you don’t lose anything—the devices we use on a daily basis have a high value in the workplace.


Update from April 2021

It's easy for the office to become cluttered with everyone's desks, computer cords and other objects. Keeping things organized can help eliminate confusion and messes. Sometimes a simple color coding system or labeling tape can keep things clean and organized and make everyone's day a little easier!

Color-code organization

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