How to Organize Your Business File Cabinets

File Folder Organizing


Many businesses today are moving into the digital age by storing documents in the cloud. However, important papers are still often kept in cabinets. Since the world hasn’t gone entirely paperless yet, here’s how to organize your business file cabinets.

Create a System

The first step to organizing your file cabinets is to create a filing system that helps categorize each file in a method you can easily refer to. There are many organizational methods you could use, but one of the easiest is to go in alphabetical order. Whatever method you choose, just make sure everything is consistent.


Color-coding can make your filing system even more efficient. Use color-coding labels to distinguish each section of files based on a category or by its place in the alphabet. This way, you can go straight to that section and easily locate the file if you’re in a hurry.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Documents

Before you implement your new filing system, you should go through all your files and dispose of anything that might be unnecessary. You’ll want to have the most space possible in your file cabinet.

Return Papers Where You Found Them

The easiest way to keep your business file cabinets organized is to return documents where you found them. Shoving documents in random spots is how you instantly become disorganized. If you notice a document is out of place, return it to the appropriate spot.

Follow Through with New Documents

The key to keeping your file cabinets organized is to be consistent with every new document. Use the same folders and color-coding labels, and label everything clearly. Consider placing a guide on the outside of the cabinet to ensure everyone is on the same page.


Business cabinets can be a source of frustration if they aren’t organized properly. With the proper labeling and some type of filing system, you can keep operations running smoothly.


Update from April 2021

Keeping file cabinets organized can be a challenge, especially when multiple people use them! Picking a system and being consistent is key. It doesn't have to be anything fancy. Color coding systems work really well. Labels or tape that are easy to write on are also a good option. Labelling the contents of every file takes more time, but can definitely be worth it! 

Color-code organization

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