Ways to Use Stickers for Business Purposes

Sticky Labels for BusinessStickers have far more uses than some may realize. They can be extremely beneficial for businesses no matter their size or industry. Learn all the ways businesses can use stickers to their advantage.



Giving away stickers with your business’ logo on them is a great and easy marketing technique you can try. Having these business logo stickers available at your store, or giving them away to attendees at an event, can increase exposure. A lot of people love to receive free stuff, especially if your company has a cool logo. A unique and appealing company logo can make word about your business spread a lot easier. Giving stickers out with your logo on them is an effective way to expose others to your brand.



An obvious way to use stickers for business purposes is to place it on packaging. You can place them on anything, from bags and boxes to beer bottles. You can use them to color-code products, mark discounted items, or indicate other information. The possibilities are endless with the ability to customize stickers for your business on a variety of packaging.



Labels are also extremely helpful in business and can be used in several ways. You can put labels on products with their price or details. Employees can also wear name tags, so they can be easily identifiable. You can also use color-coding dot stickers for organizational purposes and to make things more efficient. Stickers can also be used as warning labels to help ensure safety for employees and customers.


Believe it or not, stickers play a big role in business practices. From labeling to marketing purposes, taking advantage of stickers can help your business in sales and operations. At Chromalabel, we provide a wide selection of high-quality dots, tapes, labels, and more that can assist you with your business operations.

Update from April 2021

Sometimes all it takes is a simple, color coded, dot sticker to help organize inventory or label packages. If you're interested in creating something with your brand's image to give away or to label packages with, Chromalabel can customize labels for you. Pick your color, design, size, style and even texture, and get your brand out there!


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