How to Use Color to Improve Office Productivity

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A lot of thought goes into what fills up an office, making it more than just a place where people go to work. One carefully considered element that has been proven to work in upping both morale and productivity is the use of color. If you want to improve your office atmosphere, learn how to use color to improve productivity.


Catches Your Eye and Jogs Your Memory

There are a lot of things you many need to remember at work, and using colors can help guide you in the right direction. Take colored post-it notes and utilize them around your work area. This can be personalized to what you need to remember, but that color easily grabs your attention and allows you to use it to your advantage.


Helps With Organization

It can be easy for clutter to take over your office space. But, by utilizing color, you can make processes far more efficient. Searching for something can take a lot of time away from completing your daily tasks. Creating a system and using colored circle labels can streamline a process for the better. Through the use of color, it’ll be that much easier to spot what you need.


Improves the Mood

Color can have a great effect on our mood and motivate us in ways we could never expect psychologically. Here are some specific colors that you should consider having in the office:



The color blue is great in an office for several reasons. For one, blue is a color that can calm someone down during stressful situations. In can also inspire organization, confidence, and concentration.



If a job requires more from you physically, red is a great color to implement. Red can infuse more energy into your working environment. Red is typically associated with fire, love, anger, passion, and more. These are all feelings that signify urgency, making it a motivating element.



Green can create a calm environment in any office space. A clever way to incorporate green into the workplace is with plants. Green can help someone a great deal if they are feeling overwhelmed with their workload.



The working environment can become toxic and self-degrading at times, so if your employees need some positivity, yellow can emulate that feeling. This can also inspire creativity if you are in a field that requires it; besides, it never hurts to think outside the box.


Update from April 2021

Whether your work is in an office, a hospital, a factory, or somewhere else, adding some color to the work place is beneficial for everyone. It can create a more positive workplace. It can also be used to create effective reminders, routines and organize responsibilities for employees. 

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