The Best Ways To Label Your Kids’ School Supplies

Most kids love picking out their own school supplies. However, it can be hard for kids to keep track of their belongings at school. It’s also possible that jealous classmates may try to “borrow” their supplies from time to time. Labeling is the perfect way to make sure your kids’ supplies stay theirs. Discover the best ways to label your kids’ school supplies.

Why Label School Supplies?

Besides the occasional classmate trying to steal your kids’ school supplies, the big reason to label everything is to counter redistribution. It’s becoming more common in grade school for teachers to take all the school supplies that students bring to class and redistribute them randomly. Redistribution is supposed to make things fairer for students whose families can’t afford nice school supplies, but it often just results in kids getting their feelings hurt.

If your child’s teacher plans on treating school supplies as communal resources, they should specify this information on the school supply checklist. However, some teachers will do it anyway. This is why you should label your kids’ supplies with their names.

Use Permanent Marker

Using permanent markers is the easiest way to label things, and it’s difficult to remove. However, it doesn’t always look neat and can leave a lingering smell that kids find unpleasant. It’s also harder to label things that don’t have paper-like textures, such as erasers.

Buy Personalized Supplies

If you’re really worried about redistribution, you can pay to have your child’s name printed on all their school supplies. The label will look nice and won’t be removable. However, this is definitely the most expensive solution to the problem, and it might not be possible to get labels printed on some supplies, such as glue bottles.

Use Colored Tape

The best way to label your kids’ school supplies is to use color-coded tape. Because it has different colors, you can match it with your child’s supplies. It also won’t harm the supplies if your child needs to remove it later. Furthermore, buying colored labeling tape is less expensive than purchasing personalized supplies.

Finding Colored Tape

You can find colored tape for labeling at ChromaLabel. We carry dozens of colors, and our products come in many sizes. They’re perfect for labeling all kinds of things. Contact us today to let us help you pick out the perfect tape for labeling school supplies.

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