The Dos and Don’ts of Organizing Your Craft Supplies

Now is an excellent time to get your crafting room in order. Not only can you take advantage of sales that craft stores run on storage, but it just makes sense to start the year off with a clean space. Keep reading to learn the dos and don’ts of organizing your craft supplies.

Don’t Avoid Discarding

As Marie Kondo talks about in her famous book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, organizing is no excuse for not throwing things away. While you organize your craft supplies, take the time to consider which ones you actually use and which ones are just taking up space. If there are projects you know you’ll never get around to finishing, let them go, and don’t feel bad about it.

Do Organize According to Convenience

Your crafting space should be comfortable for you to navigate. If you have trouble reaching cabinets and tall shelves, try to keep most of your supplies within easy reach. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you have to organize the way other people do. Do what makes sense for you.

Do Label Things

Labels are among the most important parts of organizing. Not only is it helpful to know where things are, but labels hold you accountable to yourself. They encourage you to put things back where they belong instead of in the closest drawer or basket.

Don’t Organize According to Hobby

It may be tempting to organize your crafting supplies according to the hobby (e.g., knitting supplies, scrapbooking, etc.), but this is a mistake. What if you have tools that belong to more than one hobby, such as scissors? You’ll never have them in the right place with this system. Instead, organize according to supply type. Here are examples of categories you can make:

  • Paper and cardstock
  • Yarn, string, and thread
  • Glue, resin, and glue guns
  • Paints and palettes
  • Stamps and seals

Do Wait for Storage Deals

Many popular home improvement and craft stores have sales on storage containers near the beginning of each new year. It makes sense because many people will have just received a bunch of gifts over the holidays. Keep an eye out for some of these sales and use them to save money on your new organization scheme.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these dos and don’ts of organizing your craft supplies. If you need removable color-coding labels for organizing your craft supplies, check out ChromaLabel. We carry dozens of colors in many sizes, so you’re sure to find a tape that looks good with your scheme.

Color-code organization

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