Colored Stickers on retail boxes

color-coding labels in retail Color is an important influence on our choices. From an individual’s stylistic preferences to major purchasing decisions, color informs consciously and subconsciously our choices. According to one study, 85% of shoppers indicated that color was a primary reason for why they buy a particular product, and in general, color draws our attention to specific items and ideas. Color's ability to influence our thought processes can also make it a valuable organizational tool. From education to medicine to manufacturing, color coding is used to keep processes running smoothly. If you're looking to improve the efficiency of your project or business, here are just a few of the beneficial ways color-coding can streamline your processes:


  • Clarify Steps in a Process

colored labels showing steps in a processColor coding can help workers and learners recognize and internalize distinct steps in a series of tasks. On a manufacturing line, colored tape can separate sections of the work floor into different stages of assembly. In a classroom, color coding the steps of a math equation can help students remember how to reach a complex solution.


  • Encourage Safety

In a variety of work environments, such as health care and food prep, contamination can lead to serious safety breaches. Color coding workstations and materials can prevent dangerous germs from spreading and debris from befouling products . A restaurant might use color-coding dot stickers to indicate which cutting boards are for vegetables and meats. A hospital might adopt the British method of separating cleaning supplies by application, using color-code labels to ensure separate tools are used to clean restrooms and examination rooms.


  • Organize Materials

Colorful labels can separate equipment in manufacturing, or teach kids to put art supplies in one basket, and blocks in another. Rather than having a jumble of different items, matching the color of the sticker with the color of the item's container can save headaches. Colored stickers can even help stores manage inventory by expiration date or clearance sales.


  • Revolutionize Scheduling and Communication


small colored dot stickers on calander
Using colored dot stickers to label company memos allows managers in all departments separate important and urgent documents from everyday messages. Color coding dot stickers can even help ensure every line is signed or initialed properly in long documents. Finally, a company calendar might be more effective with small colored dot stickers highlighting important events or marking vacations, sick days, and more. The applications for color coding stickers are endless. Use color to brighten up your days and to help your business or project be a little more efficient.

    • Sept. 2019 | Sticky News Update  

    How Will Your Business Color-Code?

    With 38 colors to choose from, we think we have something to suit everybody, except perhaps Quentin from Qatar or Laertes from Liechtenstein. In our Standard color line-up, there are the usual suspects: white, black, red, green, orange, yellow and light blue. These are a good starting point for organizing your business. If you want to add some flair and show how versed you are in the realm of colors, you may choose Chartreuse or Goldenrod from our Earth Tones and Specialities. Fluorescents are always a good bet is you want something noticed quickly. Our metallic dots are great for embossing and adding a truly professional touch to VIP customer appreciation. 
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