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School teachers, librarians, and tutors all know the importance of quality school supplies for a productive learning environment. While it's easy to find classroom basics, like pencils, paper, and scissors; specialty self-adhesive products can make all the difference between an effective classroom and a messy, distracting space. Here are three supplies that are sure to change your life:

Color Coding Dot Stickers

As many teachers know, an organized classroom is an effective classroom. Using color to keep records, materials, and activities in order helps create a more efficient learning environment. Try using colored stickers to separate learning materials by subject, or use color-coding to help students remember which notebook to use for classroom activities and homework binding repairColor-coding can even boost student performance—in 2002, researchers discovered that subjects performed five to 10 percent better on pattern recognition tests when they were administered in color rather black and white. Similarly, using color to teach complicated subject might improve your student's material retention and overall learning. Dots also come the form of star stickers, in a variety of colors and sizes. These can also be great for distinguishing books or adding to kids' homework for some added fun. 

Book Binding Repair Tape

BookGuard cloth tapeAny teacher’s desk needs book binding repair materials. Adhesive tapes and stickers designed to repair your book spines can help classroom or library books last through years of use. Our BookGuard line of stickers and tape make for quick, durable repairs. Book binding repair materials aren't only useful for novels and story books—tapes and stickers can also help keep composition notebooks, folders, and other classroom materials in good condition.

Clear Glossy Label Protectors

Children are often rough the on materials used for their education. Protect name tags, book labels, classroom signs and more from everyday spills and germs with clear label-protecting tapes and stickers. Label ProtectorThese translucent, adhesive plastic products keep moisture from damaging paper and ink. It also helps prevent curious fingers from ripping off tags, and the water-resistant nature of the tape makes clean up a breeze.


When it comes to classroom applications for adhesive products, the only limit is your imagination. From color-coding to book repair to spill protection, be sure to put ChromaLabel stickers and tapes at the top of your school-supplies wish list.


Update from April 2021

If you need customized stickers for your classroom, you can check out our custom labels! These allow you to customize the color, size, texture and design. If you have questions about which product to chose, call us at (800) 256-0435


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