colored price stickersEver heard of a 'color story'? A term used in graphic design, interior design, fashion, and cosmetics, a 'color story' is when you have a palette of colors in use that help to invoke certain images, feelings, or reactions in those observing the color.

If you want to be recognized by those who you're marketing to, color is the way to do it. Color can increase brand recognition by as much as 80%. So you're building a brand? Build a color story first.

Color is deeply ingrained with meaning in all human societies. For example, red often makes us hungry. Thinking of all the restaurants that use red in their logo now? Bright pinks can cause agitation. Green is a soothing color. Think of the reaction you want people to have to your 'color story': Hunger? Inspiration? Calm? Take a dive into color psychology and figure out the most effective colors for your emotional goal.

Made in America stickers often use red, white, and blue or motifs from the American flag. Why? It catches the eye of patriotic consumers who will be attracted to American made stickers and products. Color brings the customer to you.

Keep in mind that color is culturally dependent. If you're catering to audiences in different countries or cultures, that might change the colors you use. For example, the traditional, quintessential wedding color in America is white. In China, red is often the central color in a wedding, as red is considered a very lucky color by the Chinese.

Art 101: Some colors look good together. Some don't. Luckily, almost anyone can put together a good palette with online tools nowadays. Apps like (a favorite of graphic designers) can help you generate new palettes and show you cohesive palettes to take inspiration from. No clash-y colors!

If you're a new business doing branding, it's okay to change your mind later. A business isn't static, it changes; so of course your branding will as well!

Do yourself a favor by keeping your color palette simple for its first few iterations, and don't panic if you need a color change later on. Colored price stickers and other color coding stickers can be easily scraped up or covered over. 

Everything from colored price stickers to tasteful color blocking on 'swag' like hats, pens, stickers, and other merchandise helps your brand's signature 'color story' pop out immediately to consumers.